Naturopathy training 2-year

Training over 2 years

“Naturopathy is a sum of treatment methods to strengthen the immune system of the body by means considered natural and organic. “

(World Health Organization, 3rd Cf. Alma Alta Conference. – September 12, 1978)

The two year training cycle proposed by the International Training Institute of Naturopathy allows you to acquire real professional skills and theoretical practices held in the laboratories available within our school where the student, accompanied by professional teachers can experiment and validate their knowledge and become a practicing operational naturopath.

Training goal

Naturopathic medicine stimulates the bodies ability to recover and maintain its energy balance. The naturopath is able to make a vitality appraisal and act on the bodies physiology to improve the well-being psychic and physical condition. From a complete holistic approach, symptoms at the origin of an energy imbalance are eliminated.
Naturopathy is an alternative gentle medicine based on the foundations of homeostasis and that focuses primarily on stimulating the natural self-healing mechanisms to keep the body healthy, improve lifestyle and physical well-being and the psychic of the client.

Who is this training program for

The training is for all people passionate about naturopathy who wish to assist their future clients to find a better quality of life, but also to people in retraining, eager to acquire solid theoretical knowledge, complemented by laboratory practice, which is fundamental to the practice of this discipline.
This training complements the allied health professions such as nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, but also to pharmacists or in the sport sector.

Career opportunities

The naturopath can exert in a liberal framework. He or she may associate with other alternative medicine practitioners: homeopathy, relaxation therapist, osteopath and work with firms of integrative medicine, birth or nursing homes and sports centers.
The naturopathic profession also offers other opportunities with wellness and fitness centers, hotel structures, thalassotherapy, thermal structures, or in specialized shops in nutrition and herbology.

Training program

1st year

  • Professional psycho-dynamics naturopath I
  • The holistic vision of the human being
  • Anatomy and physiology of the organs I
  • Holistic Massage* Techniques: Practical Applications I
  • Reflexology elements and foot reflexology I
  • Flower therapy Edward Bach I
  • Traditional Chinese Energy I
  • Phytotherapy – Gemmothérapy – Aromatherapy I
  • Nutrition and natural diet I
  • Fundamental principles of homeopathy

The term massage concerns hand maneuvers for the purpose of well-being, to the exclusion of any medical purpose.

2nd year

  • Professional psycho-dynamics naturopath II
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the organs II
  • Flower therapy Australian Bush Flowers I
  • Phytotherapy – gemmotherapy – Aromatherapy II
  • Reflexology II
  • Iridology I and II
  • Traditional Chinese Energetics II
  • Nutrition and natural diet II
  • Holistic disorders: Ayurveda I and II
  • Holistic Massage* Techniques: Practical Applications II

Terms and conditions of registration

2 years – 10 weekends per academic year
To know the price of this program, please contact us.

Teaching materials

The theoretical training is enhanced by a practical approach that represents a large part of the program, delivered in our own laboratories Training materials are prepared by the teacher and it is included in the program price. The acquisition of specific books required by the teacher is the responsibility of the student and are not includes in the price.

Number of participants

To ensure the best monitoring of the students and for professional purposes, each course is deliberately limited to a number of students. Registrations will be accepted in order of application.

Conditions of admission

A high School diploma level is required.
However, candidates with equivalent qualification or willing to take the training in naturopathy, may be admitted, subject to an evaluation test submitted by the management faculty of the school.

Course schedules

Each academic year, the courses take place over 10 weekends.
Classes are held at the International Training Institute: IFI

  • Saturday: 9:00am to 12:30pm – 2:00pm to 5:30pm
  • Sunday: 9:00am to 12:30pm – 2:00pm to 5:30pm


At the end of each academic year, a thesis based on one or more subjects taught during the training, should be prepared and issued before September of the 2nd year.

At the end of each academic year, a memory based on one or more subjects taught during the training, will be prepared and issued before September of the 2nd year and ten case studies to present to the commission.
At the end of two years of training, each candidate will be subject to an exam within our school. This exam is based on theoretical knowledge and practical cases evaluated in the laboratory on an external client. After obtaining the exam, a certificate will be issued certifying the title of NATUROPATH PRACTIONNER

“Naturopathic medicine is not a medical practice. The naturopath does no medical diagnosis and does not prescribed medicine”(Source OMS)