Our teachers


Sophrologue Certified Practitioner RNCP – Graduate from Southeast Sophrology School – Michèle Freud Training
Sophrotherapist – Graduate School of Southeast Sophrology – Michèle Freud Training
Intégrative® Hypnosis Practitioner – Graduate of the European Institute of Intégrative® Hypnosis
Trained and Certified in Cardiac Coherence – P.I.CONSEIL (Using the biofeedback tools HeartMath®)
Member of the French Society of Sophrology and the Union of Professional Sophrologists
Former Chemistry Laboratory Technician (Research and Development)
Member of SACEM: Author / Composer / Arranger


Osteopath DO – Osteopathic Centre ATMAN Sophia-Antipolis
Sinergéticien: laws of the Chinese energy applied to osteopathy – College S.F.E.R.E
Physionutrition: Human Nutrition Nutrition and Micro – IEP European Institute of Physionutrition
Homeopathy, Oligotherapy (métaHoméopathie Jean-Charles Bettan)


Health Practitioner Naturopath, a graduate of Paris CENATHO
(European College of Naturopathic Holistic Traditional, Daniel Kieffer)
Approved FENAHMAN School (French Federation of Naturopathy)
Master 1 Business Management, ESPEME / EDHEC Nice
DEUG Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Nice


German naturopath graduate – ABfH, Berlin
Homeopath diploma – Heilpraktiker- und Isolde Therapeutenschule Richter kentzingen
Synergistic homeopath graduate – Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker, Münster
TCM Practitioner (Traditional Chinese Medicine) graduate – UFPMTC (French Union of Professional TCM), Valencia. C.E.D.S., Nice, with practical training at the University of TCM in Shanghai, China
Chinese Massage Practitioner TUI NA graduate – greec, Biot
TCM Nutritionist (Traditional Chinese Medicine) graduate – Akademie Gesundes Leben, Oberursel
Practitioner TOM (Traditional Orientale Medicines) graduate – IFVMTO, Saone sur Seine with internship in the Ho Chi Minh City hospital Vietnam
Trainer for online seminars Homeopathy and TCM, Heilpraktiker- und Isolde Therapeutenschule Richter kentzingen


Traditional Chinese Energetic practitioner with master KAR WU FUNG.
Graduate reflexologist – Toulouse IRR
Aromatology Practitioner
Degree in Biological Sciences – University of Rome (Italy)
CAP Beauty Cosmetics


DO Osteopath completion of a course of six years of study – graduate school ATMAN Sophia-Antipolis
University degree of Occlusodontie and Body Balance (DUOEC) – Graduated from the Department of Surgery
Dental School of Osteopathy – Lille
Nutrition University of Burgundy

VIALE Tatiana

Bach flower Consulatant and Australian Bush Flower Essences
Director and manager of Herbalism
Advisor Herbal Medicine Gemmotherapy, Aromatherapy and Natural Food
Herbalism during the R-school Lucerna S. Giovanni Lanza


Certified therapist and trainer certified by the Academy of Paris Dien Chan
Formed by Professor Bui Quoc Chau in clinics in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh in a humanitarian context
Teacher at AEMN (naturopathic school Alain Tardif)
Deug Psychology, University Paris 8

Arnaud GEA

Master of Biological Sciences,
Professor of physiology and biochemistry for over 15 years in university education.
Host of therapeutic and cosmetic workshops.

Emmanuelle CROMBEZ

Osteopath DO, course of 6 years, graduated Atman Sophia Antipolis
Professor STAPS, CAPEPS, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Former teacher in Physical Education, Academy of Créteil
Traditional Shiatsu practitioner, Namikoshi, An Mo, European Federation of Oriental Arts, Milano, Roberto Lorenzi
Training in Vietnamese foot reflexology and relaxation, Traditional Medicine Institute in Ho Chi Minh, Doctor Truong Thin
Anatomy teacher palpatoire the use of massage therapists Wellness for Latitude Zen
Gymnastics teacher back in my office in Nice and internships
Reiki Practitioner second level

“Naturopathic medicine is not a medical practice. The naturopath does no medical diagnosis and does not prescribed medicine”(Source OMS)