Our School

The International Training Institute of Sophia-Antipolis aims to disseminate and teach the knowledge and culture of naturopathy and all the various holistic disciplines for natural well-being of the client and for a better quality of life.

Our school offers a variety of training programs to all who wish to attend an education based on the techniques of soft, natural medicine to become a professional practitioner, able to understand and transmit them in turn, or simply to reap the most valuable virtues to improve the lifestyle of oneself and ones relations.

Our teaching approach is based on training programs which particularly favor the practice of various disciplines in our schools and in our own laboratories. After each class, our students practice the newly learned theoretical knowledge. This approach enables a better integration of the course and thus provides an opportunity for our trainers to check and evaluate the correct assimilation of the methods and practices for our students to practice their future profession and master each discipline.

Our learning method allows our students to acquire theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. After a rewarding and full year cycle, our naturopathy students are therefore able to follow their customers with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. We also offer thematic specialization courses in the varied field of holistic disciplines, shorter cycles in the form of courses or workshops, which also allow to acquire solid knowledge and skills.

Our school has a professional teaching team composed of professionals able to assist our students with a specific pedagogical approach, based on the transmission of knowledge, expertise and know how. With their professionalism, their teaching and communication skills, our trainers follow our students to be operational at the end of their course.

The training offered by your school and our teachers follow the curriculum required by the main associations of the sector and are in line with European standards.

We also offer hosting solutions for students from other areas.

“Naturopathic medicine is not a medical practice. The naturopath does no medical diagnosis and does not prescribed medicine”(Source OMS)